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  • Job opportunity: researcher at Public Health England

    Complex Urban Systems for Sustainability and Health (CUSSH) is a large Wellcome-funded programme led from UCL. It brings together six cities on three continents and 13 institutions to use science to stimulate urban transformation for environmental quality, sustainability, and health. Our interdisciplinary academic offer includes action-oriented synthesis of global evidence, development of tracking indicators and models for scenario testing, participatory complex system dynamics approaches to engagement, behaviour change science, and development of theories of change.

    Public Health England (PHE) are a partner in the collaboration. They are looking to recruit a researcher who will have a contract with PHE up to the end of March 2022. The aim of the post is to carry out a scoping literature review on the effect of communication methods on the behaviour of political policymakers. The review seeks to answer the question of which communication interventions have been assessed in terms of their effect on behaviour change outcomes, including policymaking outcomes, amongst policymakers.

    The review will provide an assessment of the current state of published research evaluating the effectiveness of tested methods of communication with policymakers. In particular, we anticipate being able to provide a breakdown of the forms of communication intervention that have been assessed for their effect on behaviour change outcomes amongst policymakers; which social actors have delivered communication interventions that have been subjected to empirical investigation; and which policy areas have formed the basis of assessed communication interventions. We anticipate that the methodology used in the review could be adapted and applied to assess the state of research evaluating communication approaches with other groups with political power. PHE are particularly keen to recruit from the pool of people who have recently completed an MSc in behavioural science or similar.

    If interested, please write to Prof. David Osrin ( in the first instance and he will direct messages received to Sani Dimitrolopoulou at PHE.