The UCL Centre for Global Health Economics

Gerard Joseph Abou-Jaoude

Gerard Abou-Jaoude is a research associate at the Centre for Global Health Economics. He joined the UCL Institute for Global Health in 2016 after completing an MSc in Global Health and Development at UCL. His main area of research is in conducting allocative efficiency analyses to inform national priority setting, and he is also involved in some work on mental health. Currently, he is working on a Universal Health Coverage project aimed at developing and applying a tool to inform the design of national health benefits packages. Previously, he worked on a World Bank project that developed and applied the Optima TB model, for which he continues to provide some support. In early 2018, Gerard started his PhD which focusses on how measures of financial risk protection can be incorporated into allocative efficiency analyses.

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Identifying Health Service Priorities: Developing and Applying a Tool for Navigating the Evidence

Group interpersonal psychotherapy for depression and anxiety among adolescents in rural Nepal: a feasibility and pilot study

OPTIMA TB: Assessing the Efficiency of TB Prevention and Care in Belarus, South Africa and Peru