The UCL Centre for Global Health Economics

Kasim Allel

Kasim is a health economist who joined the UCL Institute for Global Health in 2020, firstly as a student and later in 2021 as a research associate at IGH and the Centre for Global Health Economics. Kasim's primary area of work is understanding the transmission of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) bacteria in low and middle-income countries. Specifically, how populations' socioeconomic, environmental, spatial and anthropological characteristics affect their transmission and further attributed burden and economic costs followed after infection. He has interests in infectious disease epidemiology and global health threats that comprise public policies' appropriate and rapid design. Currently, he is involved in different health projects involving Sub-saharan Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, and Latin America focusing on AMR, TB, early childhood development and malnutrition, Zika virus, HIV, COVID-19, rabies, life-course epidemiology and healthy ageing.

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